PVC foam board is made of PVC resin, stabilizer, foaming regulator, foaming agent, pigment and filler as raw materials and extruded through equipment. According to the production process, it is divided into PVC rigid board, PVC celuka board and PVC forex board.

  • The surface hardness of PVC rigid board is very high, it is difficult to produce scratches, the surface is smooth, and it has a certain mirror effect. It is widely used in decoration and construction.
  • The PVC celuka board has a medium surface hardness and is difficult to produce scratches. It is widely used in cabinets and decorations.
  • PVC forex board has a general surface hardness and is widely used in advertising panels, enamel boards, silk screens, and sculptures.

▋ Specification

Bulk Density 0.35-1.0 g/cm3 Dimensional Stability ±2%
Shore Hardness 30-85 D Water Absorption <1%
Tensile Strength 12-20 Mpa Flexural Strength 12-18 Mpa
Elongation At Break 15-20% Flexural Modulus 800-900 Mpa
Impact Strength 8-15 KJ/m2 Screw Holding Strength >800 N
Vicat Softening Temperature 73-76 ℃ Heating Dimensional Variation Ratio 2%
Hydroscopicity ≤1% Fire Resistance self-extinguish within 5 seconds
Width Standard size Thickness     Density
1.22M 1.22M ×2.44M 1-40MM 0.35-0.8g/m3
1.56M 1.56M ×3.05M 1-30MM 0.48-0.8g/m3
2.05M 2.05M ×3.05M 1-20MM 0.48-0.8g/m3
0.95M 0.915M ×2.44M 5-18MM 0.5-0.8g/m3
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▋ Production Line

▋ Quality Test

Light weight, Good flexibility

Fireproof and flame retardant

Waterproof, Non-deformation

PE film protection on the surface

Accurate thickness

High rigidity, Good hardness

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