//Yellow PP Corrugated Plastic Sheet Board

Yellow PP Corrugated Plastic Sheet Board

The corrugated board is yellow in color and the material is polypropylene.


  • Size –  1200mm x 2400mm
  • Impact Resistant – Corrugated board has been designed and constructed using special flutes which provide excellent impact protection
  • Waterproof – Corrugated Board is 100% waterproof and will protect against wet foot traffic
  • Customisation – Corrugated board can be customised to show company name and logo


PP Corrugated Plastic Board Features:

1. Corrugated board is easy to cut and fit.
2. Corrugated board is tough, with high pressure and impact resistance.
3. Corrugated board has excellent moisture resistance and good water resistance.
4. Corrugated board is resistant to chemicals, oil and corrosion.
5. The corrugated board is light in weight and easy to handle and store.
6. Corrugated board can be directly washed, easy to clean, and recycled.
7. Corrugated board is translucent, clean and fresh, and non-toxic.