//Gray PP Corrugated Correx Sheet Manufacturer

Gray PP Corrugated Correx Sheet Manufacturer

Cosatrading can customize the color and thickness of the corrugated correx board


Product Name Gray PP Corrugated Correx Sheet
Material Eco-friendly PP(polypropylene)
Density (gsm) 300-600
Thickness 3mm
Color gray
Introduction Corrugated Plastic Sheet is a kind of environmental material, which is no pollution and recyclable, made of polypropylene (PP) . Corrugated Plastic Sheet is high transparency, light weight, anti-impact and waterproof, which is a kind of excellent packing material, widely used in advertisement printing, industrial packaging, and product protection industries.

• In-line cutting to specific size
• Customized printing-Branding
• Color specific
• High crush and impact grades
• Flame retardant grades(FR Addtive)
• Antistatic grades(ASD Addtive)