The Polypropylene(PP) plastic Corrugated box is made of PP Corrugated sheet after strict processing and assembly, and is welded seamlessly with the latest hot melt process.

  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, heavy load-bearing capacity, non-toxic and tasteless, recyclable.
  • Compared with cardboard structure Circulation box, it is more environmentally friendly and practical.

▋ Specification

Product Name PP Corrugated plastic box
Raw Material 1.100% virgin polypropylene resin
2.Recycled polypropylene resin
  • Rich color, convenient stacking, waterproof, anti-corrosion, light weight, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-stretching, anti-compression and other properties, large carrying capacity, high frequency of use, hollow board material can be completely recycled and reused, green and environmentally friendly.
  • Can produce hollow nails, copper nails, ultrasonic and no – edge welding and other four processes.
Options 1.Flame Retardant
2.Corona treatment
5.Ultra-violet inhibiting
6.FDA approved resins
Country of origin China
Color Transparent, Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Black, Green or Customized
Packing PE Film and corner protectors, Plastic Pallets, Wooden Pallets,etc.
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▋ Folding Boxes

Schematic Diagram:


▋ Production Video

▋ Corrugated Plastic Boxes

▋ Corrugated Plastic Tote

Corrugated plastic tote are made from our polypropylene(PP) laminate board, which is lightweight, strong, versatile, reusable, and weather and chemical resistant.

▋ Corrugated Plastic Trays

▋ Corrugated Plastic Recycling Bins

▋ Production Line

▋ Production Process

PP raw material → Mixing raw material → First heating Extrusion shaping → Sheet forming → Second heating → Refrigeration → Cutting → Semi-manufactured goods → Die cutting → Printing → Package

▋ PP Corrugated box VS Carton

PP Corrugated box Carton
The number of cycles reached 20 times The number of cycles reached 5 times
Big Load-bearing force Small Load-bearing force
Waterproof Non-waterproof
Fire retardant Non-flame retardant

▋ Package & Transport

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