• PP corrugated plastic rolls is mainly used for floor protection, which has low cost, impact resistance and recycling to save resources. The thickness is 2-5mm, the maximum width is up to 2400mm, and the length is not limited.
  • PP corrugated plastic rolls can be fixed on the walls and floors to protect any surface.
  • It also has impact resistance, which prevents the tiles from damages and scratches caused by objects in contact with its surface.
  • Being lightweight, plastic sheets can be easily applied on ceramic / tile surface and cut into the required sizes and shapes.

▋ Specification

Products Name PP Corrugated Plastic Rolls
Model 2440×1220, 2000×1000,(Custom Size)
Material PP/polypropylene
Feature Flexible/Lightweight/Easy to convert/Waterproof/100% recyclable
Color OEM(Customized,Black, Transparent,White, Blue)
Design OEM & ODM
Certification ISO9001  ,  ROHS
Function Description
  • Floor protection
  • Window protection
  • Wall Protection
  • Protective packaging
  • Waterproofing material
Type Extruded,Normal, Fire retardant
Optional treatment Sealing,welding,stapling,die cutting,folding,ultra-sonic
Maximum width 2000mm
Maximum length 50000mm
Thickness 2-8mm
Thickness(mm) 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Sheet weight range (GSM) 300-600 500-1200 850-1800 1000-2500
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